Going into business as the ultimate saviour

What’s the actual reason?

The sad reason 9/10 people go into business is to itch their own scratch and fulfill their own need.

I want money.
I want freedom.
I want a Pure Life.

Of course you do. We all do. So what’s the problem with wanting that?

You don’t want to just be focusing on making as much money as possible. Of course it’s cool. It’s brilliant. Having money and freedom to do anything you want is fantastic.

Ironically. You don’t reach that pinnacle of life by going into business with that as your only goal. It’s a by-product of successfully running a business that is here to do one thing:

Help people do something they can’t already do.

You may not fully have the complete idea of where you want to go with your business. That’s why I’m here. That’s my whole purpose through livethepurelife.com.

You need to be the saviour to someone who needs the guidance and saving. Are you good at chemistry? Then help students and teachers excel at getting better at chemistry. Are you good at interviews? Teach people including HR managers how to work well in them and make them more efficient. Got a skill at cooking quickly and healthily? Then be the saviour to people who want to learn how to do that.

People NEED and WANT help. Go give it to them.

2450 people in a poll in 2008 throughout London were asked the following question:

“If you want to or have interest learning something, how do you go about?”

58% of them chose one of these answers:

  1. I’d try to find some good way of learning online, through proven premium content/education.
  2. I’d find a college.
  3. I’d read a book from somewhere.

Can you tell what option it was?

It’s the first one, shocking right. Those are the people you need to go grab, bring to their attention that you are here and are here to help them.

Be their saviour.


The beauty beyond the saving.

The brilliance behind it is deep. It roots into the back of our brain. Most of us love to have assistance. The others like to try on their own, fail, then get assistance.

Let’s avoid the failure for now. And jump right into assistance.

The entire world is filled with assistance. I’m here assisting you, you now assist your audience, your mechanic assists your car… a personal trainer assists their client, the government assists their people… everyone is assisting each other to move onwards and progress.

It’s not about being still. Being still is horrible. Try to do a lot of things on your own and you hardly move anywhere.

Everyone needs saving, we just have to choose what we will help assist people with.


Is your option right? Probably not.

What a touchy subject. Many business owners will get defensive when you say they are doing it for the money. Of course it’s the truth. We want money to live how we want.

Let’s look at a business example, of what you could start with now. Let’s say you are very good at chemistry and want to build a business around that.

Business called: Chemistry Simplified

Goal: help students and teachers learn everything about chemistry more easily.

Delivery: you create a constant influx of brilliant free content. Articles, videos, emails, whatever medium you want, you use it. You’re always looking to expand your archive of free content.

The money bag: you make money from the premium products you sell. Two of them; one that covers everything about chemistry in simple but detailed content which is for beginners. Also one that is all video based with you talking through everything for people who want more expert knowledge.

A pretty good and efficient business system right? It’s phenomenal. And also completely real.

A student of livethepurelife.com; Tyrone. He always loved chemistry and wanted to teach it. But didn’t want the stress of teaching or the low pay that they have. So he decided to go down the route of a Pure Life, but with one goal in my mind.

Teach people Chemistry efficiently.

Notice it? His goal is to teach chemistry. Not to make loads of money. The result? He consistently makes 5 figures a month from the system he created that automatically offers his audience the chance to join his products.


Avoiding commoditisation.

Where do you buy food?
Where do you buy car insurance?
Where do you order takeaway?
What gym do you go to?

90% of the time you order/buy it from the cheapest available place. Why? Well we all love to not be overcharged!

So how did this happen? How come there is loads of supermarkets, affordable gyms, takeaway restaurants, car insurance brokers?

There are loads!

Commoditisation. A big word. With big problems.

Loads of business owners go into business because they see the amount of current businesses in it. They see potential. Which sadly is usually fake potential.

Guess what happens? Magically there is all of a sudden 15 Chinese restaurants within 5 miles of your apartment.

Then the chain reaction begins. People have too much choice. Restaurants don’t get a constant high flow of customers, they then have to drop prices to cover high costs, next comes the reduction of staff, then finally they close down.

Going into business just because loads of others do isn’t the reason you should be choosing. There is no goal. There is no one you are being a saviour too. You’re simply joining a queue of businesses that are hoping for a customer.

You want your customers to be hoping for you. Not you hoping for them.

Which brings the paradox. Is doing something you love for business the best idea? Only you know that answer. Scout the market, browse the competition, analyse the customers. If it’s full of businesses hoping, then maybe it’s not the best choice.


There will always be competition

“Follow what your competition does and copy them.”

Stop. Please don’t do that. Who is running your business? You? Or the competition? This is your business, with your own decisions, products, content, systems, everything. So why start following what other businesses are doing?

You need to innovate and improve. Don’t spend time watching other people and what they do. Spend time watching what they don’t do.

See what your competition is not doing and then analyse how you can use that to bring in customers and money through incorporating it. It won’t always work, but sometimes it will. Why does a business have disappointed customers? Why is the business lacking sales on a weekend? Why is their service not spreading through Europe?

Find what your competition is doing wrong and make sure you do it 3x better. Focus on innovating and improving and you won’t fall into the path of commoditisation.

Not too long ago I went on a road trip. On roads I have never been on in my life. Driving down this long road I see ahead the sign telling me about a roundabout coming up. A pretty simply one, 4 exits.

With me being new to this road I decided to do something that in hindsight is quite funny. I assumed where the car in front of me was going and guessed he was going straight (the way I wanted to go) so I decided to follow it.

Onto the roundabout we go, following closely. They pass exit one and then slow down, but then they pass exit 2. Keep in mind I’m still following them as they pull off and go down exit 3.

Why did I follow them? I assumed they were going down the 2nd exit, but turned out to be totally wrong.

So why should you follow what a business does, if you have no idea it’ll work for either you or them?

I should’ve exploited what the car did wrong, which was being in the wrong lane. The same way you should exploit what your competition does wrong so you can innovate and bring it into your business to be successful.


The 10/10 advice I can give you.

Choose a business that will help people. Be their saviour. You shouldn’t be looking to help millions of people. Possibly your business could expand to that level, but that’s overtime and usually that kind of expansion happens without even planning it.

You need a small group of people who need saving. Tyrone grows his email list of his audience by 2000 emails on average each month. He only needs 19 of them to purchase his product for him to have a 5 figure month.

19 people out of 2000.

Bigger is not always better.


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Potential Goals Quiz.

Discover your number one goal, use the results to excel yourself in building your business.



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