My Purpose, Your Purpose

You live your day. Every day. Sometimes you live 7 of them the same way everyday.

Sometimes the odd day will be unique, different, fun. But how about we live each day the way we wanted. The way we dream of. Is it really that hard?

Or are we over reacting the exact way of how to live life the way we want?


What you actually should want.

Live life how you want. Where you want. Why you want.

You choose what to eat, what to wear, what to say. Yet why don’t you live the way you want?

There is always the one thing that stops you from allowing that to happen.

  • Choosing what to eat? Free.
  • Choosing what to wear? Free choice.
  • Choosing what to say? Free.
  • Choosing how you want to live life? Free.

Actually putting it into practice? Not free.

But not expensive.

The way you want to live life isn’t as much as you think it is in your mind. Think of the bills you may have to pay each month. What do they total?£1000? £3000? Maybe it pushes over £4000.

The most important thing to realise is the exact number of what your bills are.It shouldn’t be changing. It shouldn’t be fluctuating by 20% each month.

You have fixed bills, which equate to a fixed price each month. Sure one month you may spend more on food or clothes. But the solid number each month will always be the same.

Find what that number is. The only reason you aren’t able to live how you want is because you spend your time working to make money to pay these bills.

Work out what the number is. And write it down. It’s going to be important.

You should want to build a business that not only covers your bills, but bypasses them.


Working now, whilst building.

The beginning challenge to building your business online is having to pay your bills whilst doing it.

Let’s say your bills are £1350 each month. You need that month after month in order to maintain living at the level you are. The little issue? Will starting your business now make you an instant £1350 a month to cover your bills?


It’s as simple as that. A new business won’t generate money to support you right away. Do the correct things though. In the right way. And you’ll be moments away from covering your own expenses.

Now working, whilst building.

Your goal should be to create a business that helps your audience and fully powers your own financial life. Right now you may have to do this 2 hours each evening. You might be able to get 4 hours in.

Maybe you only have the weekend free.

Anytime you use to build your business is time that is useful and important. Whether it is 3 hours a week or 10 hours a week.

So what’s your purpose?

Build an online business, build an audience who want you to help them progress and succeed based on whatever field your business is based in.

Help your audience with free and premium content and you’ll be able to build a recurring monthly income from your audience.

You may have to build your business and work your job for 4 months, or it may be 2 years.

The important thing is you are creating and building the business to help your audience and improve your financial life.


Selfish Paradox

You are creating a business to make yourself money. You are creating a business that will help your audience.

Yet people will say you’re only doing it to make money. Yet you’re doing it to help your audience and help your own life.

Can both be done? Sure.

You’re going to do both.

However you can’t let one of them become too much of a focus point. You want to make money whilst helping your audience. You also want to help your audience whilst making money.

It is a strange paradox. Then again living a successful life is full of paradoxes and contradictions.

We just have to crack them.


Purpose of Ross

So what’s my purpose?

It’s all a full circle. Your purpose, is my purpose. Except with different variables. I created to push you and help you create a life where you live life how you want.

To show you:

  • how to create a fully auto-piloted business that makes money on its own.
  • how to build an audience who wants to buy from you.
  • how to master your psychology
  • how to live wealthy for a lifetime

All that together creates yourself a business you’ll be proud of, that will change your life. A business that will finally allow you to live life exactly how you want.

No more working for someone else. Simply working on your own business, day after day. Whilst living exactly how you desire.


Potential Goals Quiz.

Discover your number one goal, use the results to excel yourself in building your business.


About Ross.

I share with you the systems that work, systems that can build you a business that works on auto-pilot. No silly nonsense that will doom your business, simple systems, that succeed.

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Potential Goals Quiz.

Discover your number one goal, use the results to excel yourself in building your business.



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