Earnings Disclosure

Everything on this website is intended to be seen as two things:

1. Educational

2. Entertainment

I am are here offering you the education for you take forward to create your own online business, not at any stage am I offering you:

1. A business opportunity

2. 100% claims to an income you can create

3. A chance to get rich

This is an important moment in your life and at no moment should you take action without thinking it through. At any stage I recommend you get advice from accountants, bankers, advisors or whomever may offer you advice.

I want to be clear with everything with you, so we both know exactly what we are going to be involved with.

Any earnings you see on this website are not to be seen as the case of ‘average earnings’, I will not make claims that there is an average amount for you to be earning.

Everything differs from work ethic, background, time devoted and even your basic skills.

Past results can not be used to confirm future success, I won’t guarantee that the courses and services that I provide will earn you money.

Everyone is different, and works in an unique way.


Me to You.

In a personal tone, one-to-one, I can promise you I will give you the education you need to create a business you have always wanted.

This is me stating I will “give you the education you need”, it is down to you to use it to create the business and earnings that you want.

I can not in anyway confirm you will succeed in doing so, but you do have access to everything that can help you.

My material is here for you to use, it’s down to you now to put it into practice.

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