Rich and Confident Life Blueprint

Most people will willingly work their life away to allow themselves to have the ability to pay their bills each month. I call this “get by living”, except there isn’t much living that takes place.

They get to the point of retirement and then what? Sit around all day? “ah my leg hurts”, “ouch my backs painful”. Isn’t that just fantastic? You spent 40 years working, to get to the age where you get to complain about your body problems.

So what are you going to do? Maybe you have already made your mind up and you are ready to become rich and live how you want. Or maybe you are still on the edge? Let me tell you this, you can either:

a) Create your own income, powered by yourself right now, to make yourself rich which will allow you to live a confident life how and where you want.

b) Work your life away until you are at the retirement age and have some money to use to live out your last days and die without doing much in life.

Spoiler: Pick A.

Let me show you how.

The home of many who decided to work life away.

Creating a rich life can happen from these options:

i) Being an ‘online mentor’
ii) Progressing in your dream career
iii) Slowly moving in your ‘stagnant career’

Let us ignore option iii that is what we are removing and turning away from. As you notice that will create a rich life that we think we will achieve. Sadly that is not the case.

Option ii is fully acceptable and may be something you’d love to move towards. Progressing to the best job for yourself in your dream career will allow you to work a job you love, which will remove the stress and annoyances that working brings you.

Option i is what you want. I know it is. And so do you. Being an ‘online mentor’ isn’t the way you think it is. To become a mentor you do not need to be an expert or someone who has studied a field for 10+ years.

A mentor is a fancy word for coach, instructor, teacher… It is someone who is sharing information with someone who didn’t have it.

The process is to become an online mentor, in your chosen field that will help your readers excel and progress.

For example, you are one of my readers, the field? Living a rich and confident life. So that makes me an ‘online mentor’ who is helping people live a rich and confident life.

It can be any field. Any niche!

It is the perfect option to progress and grow within. Choose a field. Create incredible free content that will help people. Those people become your readers. You grow, they grow, your online presences grows. Your amount of incredible free content grows. You can then move onwards and create next level premium digital products to help your readers reach the next level.

So what does that do? It allows you to create an income that you control. That you decide. Which allows you to live a much more financially automated life, where you can the focus on other things such as living an actual life.


When you are in the process of being an ‘online mentor’. You allow yourself time to live a confident life how and where you want.

What does a confident life consist of?


  1. Being confident with every action you take in life.
  2. Being in full control. Complete responsibility.
  3.  Mastering your psychology and how you think.
  4. Living life how and where you want.

They are the four simple pillars of living a life you are actually proud of. Being rich just gives you the chance to focus on life. Rather than focus on life 30 minutes a day after work.

The freedom to live life is yours to take.

Become an online mentor, help others excel in your chosen field. Create and control your own finances. Focus on living a life you actually want.

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