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My belief and values of teaching you are simple: show you and guide you with how to create and grow an online business in the most successful way possible. No jibberish, just simple and efficient methods.

Pure Life

the defintion.

– Having an online business that can run on auto-pilot.

– No worries about money, bills or where your next pay cheque is coming from.

– Living how you want between when you wake up and sleep.

– In brief: we run a business that doesn’t rely on us 24/7, whilst you live how you want.

About Ross

who am I?

The Developer

I opened my laptop, it was my friends laptop so clearly I had no idea what I was doing. I found a program called Microsoft Word, the recent document was named: Process, but more on process in a moment. I skipped straight over that and onto Dreamweaver.

For days I’d learn everything, HTML, CSS, Java, every possible boring thing. But why? I was learning everything but with no reason. There was no methodical method that I was following. It was simply: learn everything possible.

Many of us do that, as kids, teens, even adults of 30 years. Learn everything we can, surely that will help us succeed right? Think again…

Over a year later the laptop was mine, a little fee of £90 was enough to persuade my friend to give it to me. Yet even though 14 months had past by, and several weirdly designed websites had been made, I wasn’t really that good at it, or even had an idea of what I wanted this skill for.

Was it really my purpose to be a developer? Should I be developing websites? Programs? Software?

The problem wasn’t what I wanted to do. It was how I went about doing it. Looking back now, I should have sat back, and wrote down exactly what I wanted to learn, what I needed to do to acheive that and why I was doing it all.

“Never give up” they say… Awkwardly, I gave up.

Time passes by, Dreamweaver is never used, most of what I had learnt faded away, until one day later.

“Let’s learn to write”, I crazily decided.

I opened up Microsoft Word a few weeks later, and again saw “Process“, why not open it eh? With it taking a good 5 minutes for a 15.4 kb file to open [thanks intel] I patiently waited for what turned out to be the greatest accident of my life.


The Process

What many people love to do in business is rush, and rely on motivation.

Let me tell you two things.

1] Rush all you want, you will do everything wrong and everything will have at most 30% effort.

2] Motivation will run out after 2 days, so why bother?

Your willingness to win is strong and so it should be. But how strong is your willingness to do everything methodically correct?


The word document, in it’s purest form. All from my friend who created it for his fitness university course. The exact process that I use right now to build and every other business.

It is exactly what I teach to my audience to show them exactly how to create a business that is destined succeed, auto-piloted and able to let you live the best life possible. Give yourself more time for living life, having relationships, doing your hobbies. Everything.


“Create a system that works, build it, develop it and believe in it.”

Fast Forward 

why a Pure Life?

Now we come to the present day. The times of me developing and attempting to make websites look astonishing are over.

The time for me to create and develop systems that myself and my audience use to explosively grow our businesses is just beginning.

You’ll find most of the content that comes from me is completely free and by the word “most” I mean nearly everything.

Finding your idea, building your website, adjusting your mindset, creating the pyschology to win, what to say to clients, how to write, how to break down barriers, everything possible you will need is here; free.

I find it hard to charge for my content, so any program or course that is premium from me is of the highest level possible. It is created to push you to that top level regardless of it’s topic.

The plan for you is to start, focus on what you want, and start piecing together your system. Build it up and develop it, then you won’t need to worry about paying a bill ever again.

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Last But Not Least

some light reading.

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