Tools to beat the Fools

There are over 10,000,000 [10 million!] websites online that are selling a service or a product to their audience. How do you make sure you are ahead of 97% of these websites? Very simple, using the correct tools, in the most efficient way possible.

Below I give to you the ultimate list of all the tools you will possibly need to grow and explode your website, from sales and conversions, to ultimate email marketing.

I want you to know and use the best. I will only recommend a tool or program to you if I have used it myself to improve a certain part of my business.

There are many people who create their businesses online but in the most foolish way possible, ultilise these tools and grow your audience & income to create a business within the top 3%.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you visit the websites through my link I will be awarded with a little financial bonus, but you will also be awarded with fantastic tools at incredible prices, so it is a win-win for everyone.

In terms of the full package for email marketing, Drip covers everything you will ever need, complete automation, custom workflows, integration with nearly everything ever created. Drip will allow you to create perfect email powered systems, to let you run multiple custom and specific funnels to your list.

What do I trust to capture email leads and build my audience? Thrive! The thrive membership comes with loads of plugins to ultilise on your WordPress site instantly, capture emails with custom forms, build websites, landing pages, beautiful comments for your articles. Thrive is the complete all-in-one business toolbox needed.

We all want our websites to be beautiful and custom. Elegant Themes does exactly that, use their pre-made themes or use their DIVI Drag and Drop builder to build your website with zero skill! Having a beautiful website is important to your brand and so should using Elegant Themes.

Representing my brothers of the UK, TSOHost do absolutely everything you want from a web hoster; affordable, efficient, fantastic customer service, incredible server uptime. You want your website to be up always, use TSOHost and you’ll never have to worry again.

The last thing you want is a brilliant website that is unprotected. Use Sucuri as the ‘insurance’ of protection, they will monitor, protect, backup, your website 24/7, never worry about your website being under threat. Sucuri will protect you and your most important asset; your website, constantly.

Courses to Kickstart

Online Foundation
Follow through the simple stages of the course which show you exactly what to do, to go from no website, to a complete website which is ready to grow.
Perfect the tools.
Learn how to utilise all the tools above correctly, create a world class website that constantly grows its audience and income.

Productivity A Game

Get an easy introduction into A Game productivity, learn how to be much more efficient and master being ‘On Time’.


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